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Dec 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
away. >>> a final meeting between president obama and congressional leaders to hammer out a last-minute deal towards the so called -- to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff has finished. john boehner was at the white house today, trying to reach an agreement to avoid hundreds of billions of dollars of tax increases and spending cuts. no statement is expected anytime soon. we go live now to washington to war correspondent, ben. >> all of the participants at this meeting left without a word. i don't think we will hear from them the rest of the day. there is a great deal at stake and very little time left. it has been reported that president obama presented a plan to increase taxes on income over a quarter million dollars per year, as part of the deficit reduction plan to deal with american debt. he would probably say to the congressional leaders that need to figure out a way to get it through, but i think the expectations in washington of a deal are low with only three, four days left until the new year and the media tax hikes and spending cuts taking and -- kicking in. >> that means
Dec 27, 2012 4:00pm PST
financially through the winter. these of the top stories. president obama agrees to meet again before the budget deadline. tall people reportedly dead after snowstorms and blizzards hit the northeast of thing midwest. -- 12 people are reported dead after snow storms and blizzards and northeast and midwest. nine people have died because of the winter there. temperatures as low as minus 23 degrees and heavy snowfalls leaving the capital of the ukraine under a thick layer. hundreds are being treated in hospital. many are homeless. in many countries in the world, people can only dream of a white christmas. for ukrainians, the dream is turning into a nightmare. freezing temperatures dropping as low as minus 20 degrees celsius have been followed by snow. reports of multiple deaths from severe cold have come from many regions in the country. official figures state that up to 90 people have died from freezing temperatures. more than 500 have been treated in hospital. if the majority of them for homeless. >> the day before yesterday, they threw me out near the steps on the platform. i got brui
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2